5 Ways To Generate Website Domain Name Ideas

Launched a new business, blog, or need to get a website name for a new brand or landing page? Finding a domain name can be difficult, it’s highly important decision if you aren’t planning on building a Google-like brand where you build the brand equity of the name.

Here are the top five ways (In my opinion) how to come up with domain name ideas.

Deleted Domains

I used to use GoDaddy to buy domains, but I switched to Name.com because of their bulk domain keyword lookup, expired domains, and deleting domains tools.

Want to use their deleted domains? Go to their deleted domains section and select the following parameters:

  • TLD — Select the TLD that you want.
  • Change display results to 250
  • Leave Drop date to all, max length to 0 (select the number of characters you want), and leave the defaults for all on 1 week, 30 days, and 60 days
  • Select “no hyphens”, “no numbers”
  • In the “search for keywords” section, I like to use a niche or a local keyword to target geographic and niche domains that are being deleted.

(read more about: Buying Expired Domain Names? You’d like to Read This First)

Expired Domains

With the same working principle of Name.com’s Expiring Domains tool, you’re provided with domains that have or are about to expire. Again, follow the previous instructions in setting parameters.

If you care about the metrics of the expiring site, Moonsy.com is a great tool for buying expiring domains.

What You Are Plus +

Generally, the exact keyword is taken from the description of your business or the website’s purpose. For example big brands like “hotels.com” and “cars.com” will be taken by now in 2017.

However, thinking about the purpose of the website and adding an adjective or a branding keyword to it, helps in finding Brandable domains and getting a head start on what your domain or website is about.

SEMrush Domain Competitor Keyword Ideas

If you are reading this and you are in love with SEMrush as a sales and competitor research tool, you already know that it is possible to enter any website and see what that website or domain name has ranks for on Google.

This data can be exported into a spreadsheet, used to find and to take out the spaces of the those keywords to make them into domain name ideas by search volume, and actually make a website that has keyword traction your competitor ranks for and has search volume already. Then, you can copy and paste those keyword domain name ideas into a “bulk search” domain and find out what keyword domains are available for purchase.