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Benefits of Using a Domain Name Generator: Top 10 Domain Name Generators to Try

Domain name generators can help increase your website traffic outcomes! Read this article and discover the other benefits of utilizing a domain name generator!

Let’s face it – a good domain name is usually too hard to get. This is because many beginners and first-time domain name buyers don’t really understand the real value and qualities of a good domain name. Today it is really difficult to find a great domain name that is both available and affordable. However, a domain name generator is a great tool that can help you with this problem. If you want to find if your domain is available, click here.

The Real Value and Qualities of a Good Domain Name

The best domain names have a number of qualities which makes it a pretty smart choice for a site. A good domain name is short and simple, usually under 15 characters. The name should also be easy to spell, memorable, and unique. The domain name extension you are going to choose is also important. Even though there are a lot of domain extensions to choose from, you need to analyze the most popular ones and decide which one suits you the most. Another thing to remember is that the domain must relate to your business, your online brand, and the topic of your website. This is where the domain name generators come in. The domain name generator can encourage a buyer in that it generates different variations of a possible domain. There are domain name generators that will even come up with names based on topic and character-length.

The domain name generators usually come in two forms – one that creates domains based on relevant keywords and one that spits out combinations of made-up random and English-sounding words. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As a matter of fact, the randomizer type has a few advantages over the keyword generator. The domain names generated by this type tend to be shorter and simpler. Also, the names always tend to be available for buying. However, the problem with domain name generators that come up with domains based on random words is that domains are rarely easy to spell, memorable, and unique. In other words, most of the names are nonsensical.

The keyword domain name generator, on the other hand, works like a keyword suggestion tool. In contrast to the other type of generator, this one usually creates domains based on real words, which is a better option for you. The keyword domain name generator produces domains that are easy to remember, catchy, and more relatable to different sites. Also, the domains produced are more likely to be search engine-friendly. The disadvantages of this generator is that many of the domains created are already owned by someone else and less of them are available.

Regardless of the type of domain name generator, you are going to choose, it is definitely a better decision to use one as you will able to check domains for availability because a domain name generator will produce and check domains in bulk which will save you time and energy.


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Top 10 Domain Name Generators to Try

Here are the top 10 most popular domain name generators you can try:
1. Domainr
2. NameMesh
3. Panabee
4. Domain Puzzler
5. NameStation
6. NameStall
7. DnFellow
8. PickyDomains
9. DomainHole
10. Me’s WHOIS
Whichever you decide to use, we suggest you brainstorm on at least 5 keywords that describe your business, your brand, your products, and your services. Play around with prefixes and suffixes and you will find the perfect domain name for your new website.